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Mario Salazar Sr. Bio

Born in Camaguey, Cuba in the late 1950s, Mario Salazar-Cruz's early years were marked by adversity and loss. Displaced due to the communist revolution, his family sought refuge in various countries before finding a new home in Puerto Rico. Encountering prejudice and feeling like an outsider, Mario learned to fight for acceptance, with boxing becoming his passion when he received gloves at age eleven.


Influenced by the unique fighting culture of Puerto Rico, Mario's Cuban-Mexican heritage combined with Puerto Rican boxing style, shaping his own fighting style. As a Marine, he honed his skills and later deepened his training with renowned boxing coaches in Puerto Rico.


Mario's relentless style led to local and national boxing tournaments success, and he was even offered a professional boxing contract, which he ultimately declined due to his entrepreneurial pursuits. He opened a women's gym and pioneered fitness programs years ahead of their time, ultimately establishing his Body Circuit facility featuring innovative fitness routines.


Throughout his journey, Mario's love for boxing has remained unwavering, leading him to found Warrior's Pride Boxing Academy. Here, he continues his legacy, coaching and training young individuals with his unique and innovative methods, maintaining a focus on teaching the fundamental skills of boxing.


A passionate father, Mario is also an innovative businessman and coach, with many future projects on the horizon. Through his dedication, he has left a lasting impact on the boxing community and fitness industry.





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