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            Boxing For Fitness 

From jabs and crosses to jumping rope, boxing workouts challenge the whole body. Exercisers at any level can improve fitness by adapting a few moves and adding them to your routine.

Cardio and Calorie Burning

You will rarely stop moving during a boxing workout. Shuffling from side to side, punching, and jumping rope keeps the heart rate up, improving your cardiovascular fitness while also blasting calories. A 150-pound female will burn 199 calories simply using the punching bag for 30 minutes. Add in jumping rope at a moderate pace and the total rises to 279 calories.

Increase Strength

The force you exert to punch or kick a punching bag challenges your muscles to get stronger. Boxing can improve muscle tone to help you look healthy and fit.

Work More than Your Arms

A strong core is the secret behind a powerful punch. Jabs, upper-cuts, and crosses target the abdominal muscles. With each punch, you are getting a killer core workout.

Improve Focus and Balance

There is a proper technique to execute each boxing move. The correct form can be mastered and you will gain benefits in the process. Learning new moves challenges your mental focus to improve brain health. Kicks, punches, bobs and weaves all require balance that strengthens supporting muscle groups.

Relieve Frustrations

Holding in anger and frustration can impact our health over time. Activities like boxing can act as a source of stress relief. With a few punches, those frustrations will disappear.

Break Up Exercise Boredom

If you are stuck in an exercise rut, boxing can break up the boredom. 

Tired of the same workout routines that give you a false sense of being fit.

Put your fitness to the test and come and join us for a FREE TRIAL CLASS.


Train like a pro and become a legend!

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