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Way of the Warrior

Do you remember how it feels to be a warrior? Feeling that moment with your hand raised in victory and all of your pain and anguish disappears? It’s a fleeting moment when your spirit soars and everything around your stands still, forever fixated in your memory and soul. That is the way of the warrior and that is exactly what we teach at Warriors Pride, become a legend.

Fully equipped facility 
At Warrior's Pride Boxing Academy you will have a complete fitness facility to your disposal with Weights, Various Boxing bags and a floor Boxing ring to train and practice what you have learned.We provide everything you will need in order to properly train and practice on your boxing drills. 
Anti Bully Program




It’s back-to-school time all over the country. For kids that get picked on, it’s a return to a horror zone. Experts say that more than 150,000 children miss school every day because they are afraid of being bullied. More than half of all schoolchildren have witnessed a bullying incident and three of every four students say bullying is a problem at their school. The bulk of bullying occurs from the fourth through the eighth grades, although it can continue through high school and even in the workplace. Bullying is intimidation or domination toward someone perceived as weaker, a way to establish superiority through coercion or force. The emotional scars are often worse than the physical beatings, and victims of bullying often become depressed and do poorly in school. 

We will teach your young ones to defend themselves in case the situation calls for this reaction.


We provide three classes per week at 7:30 pm all supervised by our certified USA Boxing Coaches.

Call us now or schedule your free trial class!


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